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2014.08   Niko Darling Stuffed Magazine Volume 7 Issue 2
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2016   FIRST SOLO SHOW   Sketchpad Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2015   Plush You!   Schmancy, Seattle, WA
2013   Plush You!   Schmancy, Seattle, WA

2015.08   J-Pop Summit   San Francisco, CA
2015.05   Asian Heritage Street Celebration   San Francisco, CA
2015.05   Asian American Cultural Festival   Daly City, CA
2014.11   SF Etsy Holiday Emporium   San Francisco, CA
2014.01   Online
2013.12   Come C Interiors Holiday Boutique   San Mateo, CA
2010.02   New People Vol. 2 Artist Village x Bazaar Bizarre SF   San Francisco, CA
2009.12   Mill Valley Holiday Craft Fair   Mill Valley, CA