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Since tackling my gallery wall, my inspiration boards have been updated so I thought I’d share what’s been making me smile in my workspace lately. ;)

My clean desk. Not always clean, but I try to keep it clutter-free since I’m more productive that way. I love, what I like to call, my inspiration ledge! Last time I had lots of penguins up there which helped me get back into the swing of things, business-wise. But as I started working more, the lighting was becoming a bigger problem. I couldn’t see anything.

So one day, I was going through my Reader and found this amazing workspace via decor8. Is that not a beautiful workspace? I wish I had more room to make it look like that!

Anyway, I thought it was genius to put a swinging arm lamp on the wall so not only can you move it around based on your needs but it doesn’t take up any of your desk space! Brilliant, I tell you! :D

This is by far my favorite freebie that I’ve ever gotten at a craft show – a postcard by Lisa Swerling of Glass Cathedrals. It’s something that I’ve loved displaying for years since I’ve had it. It’s a photo of one of her works and it says, “The world is a scary place but I have waterwings.” The paper it’s printed on is beautiful too and the spot varnish on the girl makes me love it even more! I just wish I didn’t put it in my purse for it to get all wrinkled up. One day, I’m going to own one of her pieces. One with glitter. Lots of glitter!

Here are my penguins and our anniversary newspaper and book. The notes to self stickers are some of my projects with deadlines coming up.

I finally put up the clock that my sister gave me a few years ago for my birthday! The little house notecard is from a friend that recently moved. I loved how the house is made up of silhouettes of home accessories!

Besides my printer and mac, my desk holds some of my tools, a journal, sketchbooks, and books I’m currently reading.

This is where I sit. Haha, Brandon and I both need new office chairs. Yes, one of my arm rests broke off. ;)

My secondary inspiration board. I had been going back and fourth whether to keep this up because it use to feel like a mess. But I’ve finally organized it to the point where I feel comfortable displaying it. I think I want to paint the frame though. What do you think?

A cute bunny card from the most unexpected place: H&M. It says “Happiness always…”

I love how our Disney badge collection is growing! We have another from Bruce’s first Disneyland visit that isn’t displayed too. Do you know what other ones they give out? I’m wanting to collect as many as possible. :) I’ve noticed I love collecting greeting cards that I’ve bought or have been given to me by friends and family. But I’m sure everyone does this, right? Though, my collection sometimes grows out of control and I have to clean it out once in a while.

The top photobooth picture is of my dad and me when I was little. My favorite picture of us. (Thank you for everyone’s thoughts and prayers for my dad last week! You are all amazing! He’s in pain and we won’t know how they’ll be fixing his fractured wrist until Thursday, but we’re very thankful that it wasn’t any worse.)

The bottom of the inspiration board holds more sentimental items like Bruce’s first coloring paper, a door hanger with my name that my aunt made for me when I was born, Bruce’s birth announcement, and our Christmas magnets.

You can ignore the mess in the bookcase. ;) I’m still figuring out where to place certain things. Oh and that hot pink book you see on the bookshelf? I won it over on the Martha Stewart Living blog! Yes, I won the Home by Novogratz book! :D Pretty neat, right?!

So that wraps up my office inspiration boards! What does your inspiration board look like? :) Do you tape them on the wall directly? Or do you pin them digitally? I’d love to hear other ways of collecting your inspirations!

Lots of Smiles,

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